Cremation 101

Cremation is fast becoming the most commonly requested service throughout the nation, and our region is no exception. Affordable Cremation Service of North Carolina is the leading provider of affordable cremation services in our area because we know, and clearly explain, the value of the emotionally-healing services we can provide. Our extensive experience in providing a full range of affordable, and meaningful, cremation services makes us uniquely capable of meeting the needs and expectations of your family.

Cremation Pricing and Packages

Our overall pricing, and unique service packages, were designed with your financial and emotional needs in mind. Our goal is to lessen the burdens involved in making cremation arrangements. All our services and products are offered at savings unmatched by other funeral homes and cremation societies in the area. Click here to view our Cremation Plans.

Veterans' Services

We recognize the priceless contributions of our veterans, and want to ensure honorably discharged veterans receive the special funeral and burial benefits we, as a nation, owe them. Our staff is experienced in completing the necessary paperwork involved, and gladly takes the responsibility to do so, relieving the family of this burdensome task.

On-Site Crematory

In the pursuit of excellence in service, Affordable Cremation Service of North Carolina is one of the few funeral homes in this area to operate a crematory. Our crematory is operated by trained and licensed staff members who follow proper cremation procedures, bringing greater peace-of-mind to families choosing cremation.

Cremation & Remembrance

Choosing cremation does not limit you in the ways you can come together with friends and family members to honor, remember, and celebrate a life. We know such an event is a major step in the healing process. Whether you choose formal or informal, we'll be honored to help you host the perfect remembrance gathering.

Pet Cremation & Remembrance Services

We are dedicated to providing highest quality cremation services for our pet companions. We believe that people who lose a pet companion deserve the same care and compassion, and the same opportunities to celebrate the relationship, as those who experience a human loss.

Community Events

While we offer the finest in cremation services and products, the staff of Affordable Cremation Service of North Carolina hosts regularly scheduled educational seminars, grief support groups, and remembrance ceremonies. Every month brings new events, as well as on-going events we've found to be especially valuable to the participants.


When it comes to making cremation arrangements what should come up first is the matter of trust. You should ask yourself, “Can I trust these people to do the right thing, at the right time?” With us, the answer is always “yes.” Call us today at (910) 482-4871 to learn why more families in this region choose us.